Find Public Proxy Servers

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Where Can I Find Public Proxy Servers?

The answer is: everywhere. The problem is, you aren’t the only one looking for them. Proxies are hosted and taken down rapidly. Some collapse under the weight of hordes of proxy-seeking users. Others are limited by bandwidth, so any access you do get is painfully slow. Pandora is very likely aware of many proxy servers as well and may block their IP addresses just as easily as foreign IPs. You’re essentially embarking on a game of cat and mouse — and you’re the mouse.

Some sites will provide lists of proxies, including Public Proxy Servers, Proxz or Stay Invisible. Even though these sites offer hundreds of available proxy servers, half of them won’t work and many others might be blacklisted. Sometimes you have to try out twenty servers before you hit one that works.

Some tenacity, some luck, a dash of hope and you’ll find a fast and available proxy server in the geographical area you’re looking to simulate.


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